nest_only“Cosmetics” are defined as any substance or mixture of substances manufactured, sold or represented for use in cleansing, improving or altering the complexion, skin, hair or teeth, and include shampoo, soap, moisturizers, deodorant, perfume and make-up. All cosmetics must meet the requirements of the Cosmetic Regulations and other relevant laws.

The three key components of the cosmetic regulatory framework are mandatory notification of all cosmetic products, safety of ingredients and products, and product labeling.

Our experts ensure your cosmetic enters the market compliantly without costly delays. Let our experts take care of all your regulatory, packaging and labeling needs.

Our team of experts will

  • Evaluate your product formulation and label /claims
  • Ensure the proper regulatory classification to maximize product marketing opportunities
  • Provide you with timely regulatory information
  • Compile all required applications and submissions
  • Interface with appropriate government departments
  • Design and adopt your label
  • Create supporting marketing materials including websites, mobile apps, brochures, flyers, etc.
  • Act as your importer, warehouse and/or fulfillment centre
  • Perform Quality Assurance functions including development of product specifications and Standard Operating Procedures, analytical testing of products, training of staff, etc.
  • Get your products ready for market compliantly as soon as possible